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Product name: Wallet 18   
[ Inside: Luggage Accessories ]
Added on:   2019-07-14
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Product Name

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Fabric Water Repellent processing size 15*11*2 color Orange, Black, Green Model WA-18

It is a wallet with a chain to prevent passport loss and a loss prevention chain.

A travel wallet with a chain. Two passports can be stored simultaneously inside. It can be opened and closed with a zipper in the paperback book type to prevent loss and fall of the contents. Fasteners are auto lock sliders.


Water-repellent finish on the surface of bags and pouches, and urethane coating on the back to increase water repellency.


The right side fabric of the bag is waterproof coating and the reverse is urethane coating.

Term explanation | Fabric


Fasteners for all products are manufactured by YKK.


The zipper of all our goods is made by YKK company.

Term explanation | Fastener

Cordura fabric

I use a Dupont fiber fabric.

※ Cordura fabric is resistant to tearing and friction, enhancing the durability of the product.


We use CORDURA fabric made by DuPont company.

※ Cordura fabric makes products more durable.Stylish durability and lightweight strength.Resistant to tears, scuffs and abrasions.Designed for living, built to last.

Explanation of terms | Cordura fabric

Teflon coated fabric

I use a Dupont Teflon-coated fabric.

※ Teflon coated fabric is excellent in oil and water repellency.

Teflon fabric protector

Teflon fabric protector made by DuPont company.

※ Repels water and oil based spills.Breathable, durable, safe and gentle.Fabrics look new longer, easy care.

Terminology explanation | Teflon coated fabric

Reflective tape

I use 3M Scotch Light. At night, it reflects off the headlights of the car.

Reflection tape

As a result, motorists have more time to react. We use reflection tape made by 3M Company.

Explanation of terms | Reflective tape

Lock slider

I use YKK company. A fastener slider that can be attached with a lock (inlet diameter 5 mm)

Lock slider

We use lock slides made by YKK Company. It passes a pad lock (d: 5 mm) through the hole.

Term Explanation | Lock Slider

Partition system

If there is a gap in the bag, the package will be biased downward. It can be divided up and down at almost the middle position so that it does not bias downward. Our utility model.

Partition stricter

It's easy to carry on your back.

Explanation of terms | Partition system

S-shaped frame

The frame that plays the role of the pelvis is processed in an S-shape to match the curve on the back.

S shape frame

S shape frame traced your back and it assists carrying on your back.

Term explanation | S-shaped frame


If necessary, it can be expanded to increase capacity by opening the fasteners.


When you unzip the zipper, it expands depth and it comes to have a large capacity.

Explanation of terms | Expandable

Rock buckle

It can be locked by sliding the projections on the surface of the buckle

Lock Buckle

When you slide the protection, it's locked.

Term explanation | Lock buckle

U-shaped frame

When both ends of the frame are put in the stopper bag, it becomes three-dimensional. It becomes compact if removed.

U shape flame

When you take off the frame from the pockets, it'll small.

Term explanation | U-shaped frame

Locking fastener

I use YKK company. The slider of the fastener is a lock function. 
(Note) all keys are common.

Zipper with keys

The zipper's slider works as a lock. 
(Notes) All keys are common.

Explanation of terms | Fastener with key

7 cm diameter wheels

The wheels (diameter 75 mm) are attached at both ends, taking the width between the vehicles, and stable rolling with less wobble is possible.

Wheels have a diameter of 7.5 cm

Because wheels have a diameter of 7.5 cm and it keeps enough distance between left and right, you can carry it steady.

Term explanation | Diameter 7 cm wheel

Cushion material included

It acts as a buffer by putting a 1 cm sponge between the dough and the dough.

Cushioning fabric

1 cm of sponge is inserted between the fabric. It softened a shock.

Explanation of terms | Cushioning material included

Carry bar through

You can pass it through the carry bar. You can put it on a bag with wheels and pull it together.

Pocket for bar

You can pass the bar of a trolley bag. You can carry it on the trolley bag together.

Explanation of terms | Carry bar through

Transpiration function mesh

I use Toray Industries. The sweating and transpiration functions keep your skin clean.


We use FIELDSENSOR fabric made by 'TORAY' Company. You feel dry at all times because this material absorbances perspiration well and transmission it.

Term explanation | Transpiration function mesh

Bacterial processed fabric

I use Toray Industries. Even after repeated washing, the bacteriostatic effect is kept long. It is non formalin system.


If you do the washing it many times it controls bacteria. Non formalin. We use MAKSPEC fabric made by 'TORAY' Company.

Terminology explanation |

Antibacterial deodorizing processing

I use Toray Industries.


We use SEVERIS fabric made by 'TORAY' Company. This material controls bacteria and deodorize.

Term explanation | Antibacterial deodorizing processing

Bio liner

I use the product of Unitika. It is a material in which a special ceramic antibacterial agent is mixed in one nylon thread. Compared to conventional post-processed bacteriostatic processed materials, it is superior in washing durability and its effect lasts.


If you do not wash it many times it controls. We use BIOLINER fabric made by 'UNITIKA' Company. This material controls bacteria. The methods to give controlling bacteria to the materials are to knead

Explanation of terms | Bioliner


I use Toray Industries. The breathable waterproof material "Blyzatec" is a high-performance material that repels water on the surface of the fabric and has water-repellant and waterproof performance as well as the ability to dissipate the moisture accumulated inside to the outside.


We use BREATHATEC fabric made by 'TORAY' Company. This material is a water proof and comfort dry.

Terminology explanation |


I use Asahi Kasei. Water-repellent and antibacterial processing is applied. We weave using 66 nylon for the warp and 6 nylon for the weft. Because of this, the gloss after dyeing is different, and it is characterized by the color of the egg bug.


This material controls bacteria and water proof. Because the warp is 66 nylon and the weft is 6 nylon, it has iridescent color.


Water stop fastener

I use YKK company. This fastener laminates polyurethane to the part of the fastener tape and has strong water repellency.

Aqua Guard

Because this zipper tape laminate polyurethane, it has waterproof.

Term explanation | Water-stop fastener